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We offer pre-market cleaning, as well as, move-in / move-out cleaning services…

Pre-Market Cleaning

Getting a home prepared for sale is no easy task, and definitely not for the faint of heart. We take the pressure off of your clients, and help them prepare their home to be show-ready. Whether it’s deep-cleaning that needs to be done, or organizing and decluttering for the photo-shoot and showings, we know how to make it picture perfect. A clean and decluttered home sells quicker, and for higher prices.

When performing a pre-market clean, we ensure that the pain points of the home are not a focus. Instead, we emphasize the sparkle… from the moment the buyers walk in the front door, to showcasing the master bathroom’s chrome and shine.

Kitchens are a centre piece of any home. Having it clean and clutter-free, makes it feel and look spacious, and highlights the workable spaces within the room.

Move-in / Move-Out

Offering a Move-in and Move-out Cleaning Service for your clients is not just a trend. It’s a perfect way to establish added value, and ensure referrals.

We take care of all your listings needs; from the moment it goes on the market, right to the closing and the handing over of keys.

perfect results guaranteed

“We take pride in our work, and are committed to providing a clean and peaceful atmosphere for your Prospects and clients to experience.”

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